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1st February 2017

"Hail The Tragedies Of Man" Third Album Reviews 2016
Under A New Moon Best Irish Release of 2016
Metal Temple 10/10
Zware Metalen 78/100
Metal Ireland 3.3/5
Metal Eyes Zine 8.5/10
Dead Rhetoric 8.5/10
Musipedia Of Metal 7/10
The Reviewer 8/10

'Hail The Tragedies Of Man' is now available to purchase/stream via bandcamp. Click HERE to listen right now!! Please support underground metal.


30th November 2016

'Hail The Tragedies Of Man' is now available to purchase/stream via bandcamp. Click HERE to listen right now!! Please support underground metal.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at the brilliant Trackmix Studios with Mick Richards.

The album is just over 60 minutes long.
Artwork for the album >>>>


Album Cover Artwork Created By Jean Michel G. de Lima at Designations Artwork


19th October 2016

17 songs have been recorded over the course of a year and a half. 3 recording sessions. 11 of those have been selected to go onto the 3rd album.

All guitars, bass, synths, vocals, drums have been tracked,recorded,programmed and completed. Just some slight tweaks left and mastering to complete. All done at Trackmix Studios with Mick Richards. His work is beyond excellent, cannot recommend him enough.

The album is just over 60 minutes long. November release date with all things going well.
Delighted to show off the artwork for the album >>


Album Cover Artwork Created By Jean Michel G. de Lima at Designations Artwork

Check out the video below to see some of the guitars being tracked for the album ->>>


18th August 2016

Just a quick update on the 3rd album. 11 tracks will be on the album in total.
4 songs are fully recorded with vocals done also. 3 others have been recorded but need vocal work done. That leaves 4 songs to be recorded along with vocal work. I did record 4 other songs but they will not make the cut.
Hoping to get back into the studio by September/October to complete the album, with a release end of October or start of November.

Watch this space. Meantime you can watch this clip of myself recording 'Wretched Flesh, I Embrace', track 10 off the album ->>>


29th January 2016

The IRISH METAL ARCHIVE has recently passed the five year mark, so they have decided to hold some gigs around the country >>>
5th of March VENUS SLEEPS along with BAILER (1 more TBA) will play at the Cork Community Print Shop.

5th of March NO MANS LAND along with THE MAGNAPINNA / PARTHOLON (1 more TBA) will play in Limerick, Kasbah Social Club.

5th of March Galway's Feast Promotions are also in on the action with CORR MHONA, SOOTHSAYER and FROM THE BOGS OF AUGHISHKA readying for battle

Pethrophile Promotions have also organised a second gig in Fred Zeppelins, Cork on the 12th of March with ASTRALNAUT hitting the road south. Playing with them will be Dublin rockers VENDETTA LOVE and local outfit DAMAGE GROWS.

IRISH METAL ARCHIVE also have a digital promo album being released to coincide with the gigs. Over 20 bands have submitted tracks to it so far. With a few more still to come in.

Sonus Mortis have sent in an unreleased track recorded in July 2015, titled 'Reality, Our Collective Destroyer'. A more death-doom type of song hitting the 9 minute mark. Will update with links to it when available.


20th January 2016

Proud to announce that I will heading back into Trackmix Studios to start recording the third album.

The album title will be called 'Hail The Tragedies Of Man' and will feature 11 brand new tracks. 3 of which were recorded back in July 2015.

Below is the track listing and the front album cover, artwork created by Moon Ring Designs.

The new tracks musically take from all previous 3 releases. It's going to be atmospheric, all trapped within a dark wall of sound. Lyrically, it draws from personal experiences, current events and human tragedies. This is not a concept album like the previous two.

Recording begins on the 20th/21st of February to track guitars/bass. Will bring an update on the recording process next month.


1. Chant Demigod
2. Null And Void
3. Subproject 54
4. No Escape
5. And So We Became Slaves Forever
6. End Of Days
7. The Great Catholic Collapse
8. I See Humans But No Humanity
9. Chaos Reigns
10. Wretched Flesh, I Embrace
11. Hail The Tragedies Of Man


30th October 2015

Check out this youtube video for the new album! >>>

You can listen to a new track for the 2016 third album. The new album is tracked, mixed and mastered by Trackmix Studios (Coldwar/Mael Mordha/Cruachan etc).

Album to be released next year after more songs are written and recorded.


4th April 2015

New second album 'War Prophecy' has been released!!! >>>

The new album 'War Prophecy' got released on the 31st of March 2015 both on bandcamp and through MondoTunes.

You can buy 'War Prophecy' CD Digipal/Digital download here -> SONUS MORTIS SECOND ALBUM

Or buy it at -> ITunes

Check out this great review from Cult -> Demons Be Scribblin Review

"The quality of this release is impressive from production to the song structures are that solid, epic in nature, flow very well and are at the very least enchanting even enthralling. "

"My conclusion should be blindingly obvious at this juncture. Support the indie scene, buy this, spin it, wear it out then buy another copy whilst closely following the career of Kevin Bryne (and Sonus Mortis). For I believe that with a release of this quality he's only headed to greener pastures within the metal community. I can't imagine at this point why it is that he's not signed on with a major label for he deserves the attention of the wider audience that they have the power to generate. I'm hoping to be hearing the name Sonus Mortis a lot more in the very near future. – Cult "

A review from Lords Of Metal website gave the new album 74/100 -> Lords Of Metal Review

" You can hear 80s New Wave like The Mission, but also black metal in the vein of Emperor or doom/death similar to My Dying Bride. All packaged within death metal. So, it is quite original and I think fans of a band such as Septicflesh might like this."

Click here to check out the MondoTunes press release -> MondoTunes Press Release


23rd March 2015

Reviews (and interview) for the upcoming second album 'War Prophecy' >>>

Below are some quotes from recent album reviews ->

Metal Ireland (3.4/5) Review: "It’s dark symphonic metal, impressively crunching and with a wide variety of tones and tempos."

"Much of it is like what HR Giger would have made out of underground metal had Tom G Warrior not so thoroughly gotten there first. An alien, stomping, mechanized burst."

Metal State Of Mind (4.3/5) Review: "Overall, “War Prophecy” is a blistering experience softened by dark and brooding symphonic touches that are not in the least bit overpowering. There is an adequate mix of elegance among the carnage of growling vocals and sheer speed. Sonus Mortis, and busy as he is, manages to combine these chaotic elements into a seamless mix of fine-tuned metal!"

"The debut full-length from Sonus Mortis, “Propaganda Dream Sequence”, was my number five metal album of 2014. That gave me high expectations for the next album. “War Prophecy” quite splendidly meets all of those expectations. It’s going to rank high up on my 2015 list."

Sound The Charge "For fellow musicians out there, some of you should prepare to be infuriated, or preferably inspired. There’s something painful in an “all tracks performed by” notice that makes you feel like you’re only achieving a small percent of your own musical capability. Hearing Byrne’s composing and in turn, performance is a wonderful thing though. While some of us sit with our instruments wishing we had more likeminded people to jam with, people like Byrne are sitting creating music of this calibre."

Check out a recent interview I did with

31st of March 'War Prophecy' goes for sale. Check out bandcamp/itunes/spotify/amazon/google etc for links to the new album. Please support underground Irish metal, thanks \m/


27th February 2015

Check out this youtube teaser for the new album! >>>

You can listen to clips of all 15 tracks from the upcoming album 'War Prophecy' below! The new album was tracked, mixed and mastered by Trackmix Studios (Coldwar/Mael Mordha/Cruachan etc).

Album to be released next month on the 31st of March 2015.


15th January 2015

Official music video for "Systematic Eradication" off upcoming second album! >>>

Just released, the music video to a brand new song "Systematic Eradication" which is off the upcoming album "War Prophecy" ->

The new album was tracked, mixed and mastered by Trackmix Studios. CD Duplication process has begun, a batch of 100 CD Digipaks will be run only once. Release date 31st of March 2015.


16th December 2014

Second Album 'War Prophecy' Front/Back Artwork now revealed >>>

Really happy to reveal the front and back covers to the new album 'War Prophecy'.

Front Cover ->

Back Cover ->

Both of these were created by Moon Ring Design. Check out the website for more artwork on sale -> Moon Ring Design Website
Heading back into the studio on the 27th/28th of December and 2 more dates in January. Looking at March 2015 as the release month.


28th November 2014

Second Album 'War Prophecy' Guitar Recording >>>

Last weekend I went back to Trackmix Studios to start recording the second album. Here is a video of some of the guitar tracking, check it out ->

Few more dates to record in December and mixing in January. Sounding great already, really happy so far with it.

I can also report that the artwork is being finalised and will be revealed in December - Watch this space!


5th November 2014

2nd album info + Debut album online release date! >>>

Sonus Mortis has joined up with MondoTunes to distribute the debut album 'Propaganda Dream Sequence' to online music stores (such as iTunes, Amazon, Google etc) and streaming companies (Spotify etc). 10th of November is the digital online release date. You can still buy a physical copy of the album directly from us from our bandcamp page.

The second album writing process is now 100% complete. Lyrics/music/vocal lines are fully done and I am in practice mode. Excited to go back into the studios to record. I think there is a bit of everything on this new record. There are clean vocals on 11 out of the 15 tracks. More symphonic lead strings, choir sections, faster songs, blast beats, overall a really dark, apocalyptic type atmosphere to it all. Still using the 7 string Agile and 5 string Warwick. Tuned to A E A D F# B E for most songs and use A E A C E A E for one song 'Cavity'.

So I have set aside two dates at the end of November to go back to Trackmix Studios to start the process of recording the second Sonus Mortis album! The dates are the 22nd and 23rd of November. Looking forward to it.


21st August 2014

Second album news >>>

Since the debut was released in March 2014, I've spent the last 3 to 4 months writing songs. I have written close to 40 songs since then. 15 of these will be going onto the next album which would be over 50 minutes in total.

The second album will be entitled 'War Prophecy'. This will be another concept album. All music/lyrics have been written but some minor changes/tweaks will be done over the next few weeks. These 15 songs really gel well together and have a similar vibe/structure. This is as heavy as Sonus Mortis gets when compared to previous work.

No dates set to record yet. Will give an update here and the Sonus Mortis Facebook Page when I do know of confirmed dates.

Tracklisting >>>

1 Chthonic Chasm
2 War Prophecy
3 Revelations
4 The Crypt Of The Death Prophet
5 Banshee Remnants
6 Sonus Mortis
7 Mass Exodus
8 The Rise Of The Obsidian Destroyer
9 Memento Mori
10 Systematic Eradiction
11 Shell Shocked
12 Cavity
13 The New Holocaust Hypocrisy
14 Necronom IV
15 Zenith


29th May 2014

What people are saying about the debut album 'Propaganda Dream Sequence' >>>

9/10 Metal Temple
"One minute there is hope, the next there is despair. How long each feeling lasts is what makes the music so well composed. In sum, It is difficult to comprehend that one person wrote and performed all of this. The album is supremely balanced, and flows very well considering all of the elements Kevin is able to work into each song. The tracks are thick, deep, strong, and intricate, but all with the unmistakable might and punch of Death and Doom Metal."

4.1/5 MetalIreland
"Rarely do one man bands sound so full. With the release of this debut album, Sonus Mortis are a real going concern. Borrowing intermittently from Septic Flesh, Rotting Christ, Therion, Triptykon, Dimmu Borgir and the odd nod to Devin Townsend, Byrne has crafted a dark and evocative hours worth of music. Each of the tracks shows invention and variety."

8.5/10 Metal Observer
"There are two surprises listening to Sonus Mortis’ debut album Propaganda Dream Sequence. One is that this symphonic death metal with so many elements and instruments is the work of just one man. The second is that man, Kevin Byrne, is not from Italy, Finland, Germany or Greece, but Ireland. Hardly a country known for its symphonic death metal, but maybe that’s about to change… I know there are plenty of one-man extreme metal bands out there, but this is probably the most impressive I’ve heard.

4/5 Metal State Of Mind
"It was surprising to find out that this is a one-person-project. It’s pretty impressive considering this is an album packed with high quality songs and superb songwriting, in the same vein as Therion, Septic Flesh and at times even reminiscent of Devin Townsend. "

"Unsigned? What shame! There’s an ocean of frigging good variation and skill, washing over you in swirls and drawing you in like a maelstrom. The same goes for the vocals, which span deep gutturals, higher-pitched growling, clean singing and gruff narration in an Irish accent. And all that from just one guy… fantastic job, Mister Byrne."


28th May 2014

Website is now up and running.